In the Memory of Every Dead Things

Death as Transformation: Death is not real death that it is the transformation of something to another thing. We think that life is finished with death. That is not ending that it transforms to something new. When human beings or other things are died then these things are transformed in something new. That new formation brings new change in environment and climate. Even the sun, moon and stars are affected with death of these things. So that death is not really death that it brings something new in earth and galaxy too. The shining elements of human bone and other creatures’ s bone create the light and minerals in earth. Those dead things have affected the whole universe including other planets. The people call ghost to the element of phosphorus that is the living energy of earth to change the earthly environment. So death is not complete death and it is new transformation of beings. After death, its organs function aptly in earth and universe.

The people fire the dead bodies of human but the smoking of firing body also has great deal of transformation. So death is innovative energy to bring newness in universe. When some cultures donot allow dead to keep in grave they make firing body and that smoking of firing mingles in horizon. When people dig and keep coffin under soil that brings the environment changing. The bones are living always as the strength of earth and it secures its blood vessel. The cells of every beings come and go to make earth wonderful and amazing. So the death is not complete damage of life and it is just life from one phase to another. Death is the fundamental wave in the earth in which complete ending is not here.

The weight of earth is transforming and changing with its shifting life and transforming. So death is not death in universe that it is death from our mind and heart. The death is the genuine fellow of life and destiny. It is our comrade in the height. The destiny of life and age weakens our vessels and these vessels transform into new things that affect the underground earth and galaxy too. So the death is not feeble nerve that counts the settlement in another place. So everything is eternalized and immortalized in earth. Everything is transforming and the dead things are mingling in soil and water that produce the new things that they are charming and innovative in nature.

The soil out of flesh is changeable and water from deep level shines from phosphorus. The beauty in the universe comes in death too. Death is eternal phenomenon and it does kill nothing but transforms quickly the form and structure of creation with decentralizing. The worth of death is bitter for us but it is kind fellow to judge me and my activity weather I am criminal or not in earth. Death is not killer from inner worth. It is the hidden transformation of every shifting scenario. Oh ! fellows, donot afraid to accept death that you walk to my aims and objectives by climbing to my aim and prestige.