Sun as the product of Fire, Water and Lava

The universe is very much interesting to learn and its artistic movement moves with unlimited entities. The sunshine is great product of fire and minerals. The earth is made with lavas and lavas create water and ice too. The water is transformed into hot fire with its transformation. The changing and shifting climate emerges with sun’s movement or structure. The sun has emerged the hot rays when climate is changing. Hotness proliferates in its plain area. Somewhere it creates the desert without water. So the way of hotness is very good of its identification. I love the sun within lavas and its transformation.

The sunshine is absence somewhere and regular somewhere in world. The earthly atmosphere has wrought the surface of sun. The way of sun with its hot atmosphere creates sunshine and it has amount of coldness too. So it has provided rain too from its surface. So that sun is output of water, lavas and other minerals. The amazing mystry is here in earth and universe. I think that the science is not complete in its study to have detailed study of sun and its hotness. The sun is seemed as immense large circle within its appearance. No one could reach in its core that the scientific assumption may not be right to say about its truth.

The close connection of sun and earth is concerned with ice, water, lavas , sea waves, greenery of earth and human mind. So sun is not far from here just our eye catches its sphere at distance. The sun and moon are also closely concerned with universal elements. So we have seen the sun at distance but it is not matter that it is at distance. The output of water, lavas and many other minerals is the structure of sun that is in natural law. We are under sun or at beside sun is unknown fact. We survive with outside eye depending upon sun. But where is the place of sun? It is unknown to the so called scientists. Sun has not any amount of hotness. It has amount of water and coldness. So the climate is changed frequently.

The sun with its surface is emerged in earth with human assumption. So the way of sun is wonder of earth to create light and darkness. But its make up is with water, lavas, ice and many other minerals. Sometimes volcanoes are produced with its movement and earthquake emerges to have earthly transformation. Sun is aptly the output of hot and the cold substance. Everything is come here with hot and cold substance. In the circle of sun the cold substance can be found. So it is amazing factor of life to quest the knowledge. So sun is not equal to all places of universe. Its presences is different. Its output is to create light and darkness. It is hidden phenomenon. Sun’s hugeness is unlimited. Really the sun is the large goal of water and lavas.