Goal of My Life

I am the strong dreamer and the dream of my goal should not be fragmented by any so called intellectuals or any friends or any relatives. I love the goal more than me. So if people disturb my goal of life these people should be given death penalty weather they are outsiders, professors, students, friends , relatives or any others. So my best dream is in my writing and studying carrier. So my dream is not anybody’s drowry . It is not my stealing to others. So the life span has hope to achieve the dream success.

But our dark family becomes the wall in progress and mentions good people bad and bad people good. What I evaluate the university professors with high ego to good students and become the wall in front of the goal of students. They evaluate me wrongly due to ego and ignorance. I evaluate them that they are full of lust and passion to students and the attempt to walk upon my strong dream of literary world. I evaluate them rightly but they evaluate me wrongly. What I see them with the nature of criminality by torturing the mind of good and hardworking students like me. It is sure that they want to dominate the good students. Their ego has killed themselves one day that their evaluation to see me is with bad eye.

I am told by a professor that these professors evaluate the student nicely. No, that is not good judgement to evaluation. It is their lust to see good students with passion by walking upon our dreams and desires of life span in the study area. The so called scholars judge me by outside eye by killing their knowledgeable eye and their judgement has ruined themselves and they are wrong judges. They think themselves superior for their post having the post of T.U. professors. That is their snobbish nature having permanent job. That is not good life. One of my friend says that these professors have ego to aim and talent nature of any good person. It is sure that they select the students with bribe, fear, passion , and other known factors. They see their own benefits not to the students’ benefits.

So if any professor walks upon the dreams to break us the death penalty should be given with immediate action but it is not their dowry to make us failure. If relatives are there to make us failure they should be given the death. The ego of relatives, the bad treatment to us by so called ignorant professors should be given death penalty in law otherwise they are torturing us frequently. If national law is slow the international law should give them the death penalty immediately when they walk upon our dreams and make our character bad by criticizing badly. Human has the right to live happily with dream and goal. If anybody is becoming wall , the international law should kill them in their bad following to us to break our aim. They should be killed by international law if national law is weak. They are under the control of bad law of Nepal that has hidden their criminality and their bad evaluation to students. Til Kumari Sharma English Department