ताजा खबर

Ugliest Corona as Lady Villain

16 asoj, parbat.
Corona comes with ugly and criminal task. It has killed many people in world. It is immense villian.The
ugly corona has destroyed the good settlements of human. It wants to be in height but the people
should not afraid with its coming and height. Be strong (the people) to win it. It wants to be in height
but it is lowest due to its immorality.

Corona is ugliest in earth which wants to keep power within it. So I say corona has lost humanity and
morality. Corona has only lust. It has kidnapped people to kill. Corona has destroyed the human
settlements. What will be in future? The world is in difficulty. Corona is ugly form in this earth. It is the
killer and has murdered the huge numbers of people. It is bad doer and immense villain. Corona is like
bad politician to use innocent people. The people are weak and feeble in front of this villain . It is like
lady villian.The scientist does not know its weakness and its crimes.

To sum up about corona, the disease is dreadful and fearful. Corona is dangerous killer. It is totally villain to finish all people. But, don’t afraid of it.Be the strong and independent. If you don’t afraid of it, it cannot kill us , it s weak and feeble. But be conscious to its persense and touch.