Surface of Universe


Earth is existed without centre.
It has surface detail in itself.
Amazing is its creation.
Earth is there with its surface detail.
It has its own independency.
Water is seen from everywhere.
Minerals are making the earth bright and light.
Earth is counted with infinite things.
But I see its limitation infinite.
Mystry is not found by scientists.
Center is not there.
Centre is wrought by scientist.
Earth yields the infinite boarder.
Liquid, gas and solid things are there.
The earth is moving sometimes .
She has been found little bit by science.
Hot and cold segments are born everywhere.
Air is here with breath and life.
Amazing is the creation.
Oh the creator ! how huge is your design to make this universe?
Oh! The designer , how do you yield this mysterious creation?
I am amazing to see this universe and surface of earth.
I am questing your unconditional beauty with dreamy vision.
I have curiosity to know about you.
I am not scientist yet
though I have curiosity to you.