Critics with Nonsense Comments

Today the critics are different in thoughts and they are unfamiliar to the technological errors and typist. I found my few books with technological errors or type mistakes. They never consider the technological mistakes or errors rather they comment roughly without consciousness. Writings are tools of communication and they are roughly often published. The writers are not so much weak and feeble as they think and they comment them as to child. How nonsense they are for rough comment to publisher and writer.

To write is not easy task. Rather to understand the meaning of text, they want to know writer’ s personal and individual enquiry. It means these critics are damaging themselves. When I read many texts of big writers I found many mistakes or errors even in original but I think common errors are happening frequently to everybody. It is natural blunder . It means that it not by less wisdom of author. I with great experience know what is standard writing. Writings are really the great sources of life that may have errors when we do without good environment and short time with technological help.

The critics who donot know how to feedback to author does not know the teaching and morality. Through the writing they want individual matter of author. Every text has not subjectivity. That is created with fictional perspectives. So it is nonsense matter of readers, teachers or friends. Today the technological sources are producing a lot of errors and we have to face many comments. So the blind people are doing unconscious criticism forgetting the technological weakness. Technological mistakes are happening unknowingly.

Every reader should know the technological error of writing which is not author’ s own mistake. It damages readers not writer. But readers think writing is easy and it is task of cheating. No, writing is like child birth. So it is difficult to give birth to writing. Never make low but give feedback and comment with loyality. I accept the errors but it is not by ignorance but of environmental and technological mistakes. I found some friends, few readers and few teachers comment me violently in my text without the knowledge of technological errors .