Life in Beach of Sea

Beach is golden for me. Many interpret that beach is not good. It brings the bad smell. But solely I see beach as healthy with moral concept. Decoration in thoughts appears and that beach evokes the feeling of moral and natural sublimity. The human impetus does not count the valuable wit in world. The sea beach is moral that nature nourishes us with thought of sublimity with filtration. As the author, I count the feministic approach with moral existence and love the strength of woman moral. Freedom only does not bring wise path. It depends on filtration of thoughts and mind. The bright future has not mocked us to our sublimity. The fake interpretation of woman freedom doe not confine in everybody’s right. It is freed in our existential authority. My feministic approach hovers on sky and above that to maintain spiritual flight. The light mocks to those freedom fighter of sex. That they are in cave. The healthy environment is spiritual home that brings the high aim to rule with moral freedom.

The beach is decorated aptly with alienated nature where human absence is there. People misrepresent the sea beach as the place of fake lovers. But that is out of truth that beach is symbolic art of spiritual make up which decorates the human intimacy with nature. Nature is laughing to the new creation and artistic living. The bosom partner is nature which immortalizes our sorrow, struggle and so on. That approach is very beautiful. The common people think very lowly and immorally. They view other not for the right judgement. So the beauty within art comes within sea beach with moral light. Sea is attractive too. Sea is charming to be friend of human. The life is balanced in sea beach with memorable company that company is nature herself. Sea light is brighter. It is peace and spiritual at night where no sound is heard . Sea waves are calling me to welcome with garland of spiritual respect where my writings are widened in universe.

The waves are melting to survive my spiritual art of writing . I am standing alone with my high power of critical thinking to innovate new world of mine. The darkness of night seems to have light with my artistic art. The beach is shining with my art and glory of writing. I am alienated pillar of my character to improve the whole world with logical truth.