ताजा खबर

What about Teej Celebration with Dance and Songs

6 Bhadra, ktm.
Teej is real Nepalese festival and it is cultural identity. It is the survival point of respect, love, celebration
and brotherhood identity. I see it’s dominant part in Nepalese Culture. People wear saree, lehenga and the long clothes in this festival which save from wearing short clothes. In Nepal ,the singers are singing the unheard words sometimes to deal with sex in Teej. It is uneasy to hear. To sing about love is not bad. The birth home is connected to another home. So the love of husband or lover and birth home can not be detached.

Teej begins from ‘Day of Dar Khane to Panchami’. In previous time, women were not independent and they depended upon the earning of husband and birth home. So they used to sing difficulty of
daughters. On the other hand, it was shortcoming of songs in conventional society that mother-in-law was bitterly commented by daughter- in-law and they were commenting each other and sister- in-law and sisters used to comment each other badly which never used to connect the home. But now the women and men both use to work equally and both are busy .

Now they are happy and they sing thesong of love between couple. it’s ok .But I say to singers not to sing about open sex which is beyond our moral. We should not avoid the cultural dance and songs with cultural dress and decoration. We should not waste money in expensive clothes and rnaments. We should eat whatever is there. Wasted money is nothing good. Fasting is individual desire. From the thinking of Tie,Shirt, Coat, Suit and Pant, we are not loving nationality and culture. I think that Teej is connected to birth home to husband home and the songs should reflect the true love, deception, suffering, cultural wearing, authority to birth home, celebration of family, sisters and brothers. It should show little cultural decoration with cultural wearing.  We should not exchange our festival by wasting enough money and gold in Teej.

Teej is best festival in which we should decorate the value of it with cultural songs and dress that they are connected to international pheriphery.The unheard open sexual words should be avoided from Teej songs and morality. Originality of culture should be included.